Connect to admin page via wifi

I have my receivers set to run using wifi. They work fine like that with one exception. Of the 3 radios I can only get to the admin page on one of them. The other 2 show this message:


No admin password set. Can only connect from same local network as Kiwi.

Client ip =

I only have one network and don't have an admin password set on any of them. I can probably connect again using ethernet and add a password but I would like to try to solve it without doing this if I can. I am able to ssh into each radio using the the coreect user name and serial number. The ipaddress the message refers to is the address of the router.


Steve KD2OM


  • Well, are all of the 3 Kiwis and the computer running the browser on the same wifi with the same local network number? (i.e. If not, then that's why you're getting that messages.

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