Debian 11 image for Kiwis using BeagleBone AI-64

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Even though BBAI-64 systems already run Debian 11 there has never been an sd card flasher image file available that contains a version of the KiwiSDR software (as we have for BBG/BBB based systems).

Well now there is. See the instructions at:

You might want to use this image file if you need to recover a BBAI-64 that won't boot anymore. Or have ordered a KiwiSDR 2 "board-only" product and need to flash the Kiwi software onto your BBAI-64 before the board arrives.

See here for correct mounting of the Kiwi board on the BBAI-64:


  • A Debian 11.9 / v1.665 image for the BBAI-64 is now available. See the instructions mentioned above for how to construct an SD flasher card to re-flash your BBAI-64.

  • Buenas tardes como se le hace para instalar el kiwisdr y que se vea en la aplicación ?

  • KiwiSDR no es un software que se instala en una computadora. Es la interfaz web que se muestra cuando se conecta al hardware KiwiSDR con un navegador web. Este puede ser su propio KiwiSDR que compre para usted o uno de los KiwiSDR públicos que figuran en

    KiwiSDR is not software you install on a computer. It is the web interface shown when you connect to the KiwiSDR hardware with a web browser. This can be your own KiwiSDR that you purchase for yourself or one of the public KiwiSDR's listed at

  • Thanks for this image. I ended up having to update my v1 board on a BBG w/Debian 9 the other night, because it wouldn't compile any release over 1.671 anymore (because of dream extension missing refs, I think).

    This one worked great once I got the BBG into flash mode. I just tarred up the kiwi.config folder beforehand, unzipped it back over the stock one after the update, and was back in business.

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