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  • Wideband IQ streaming mode for local processing? [better late than never!]

    @ok1iak Well, here we are. Over two years later. I had not forgotten about this. For various reasons I decided now was the time to give it a try.

    This is an extremely early result. There are all kinds of problems. Currently, all I can get semi-reliably without too many glitches is a wideband output of 240 kHz. I'm pretty sure more can be done with some optimization. There is no CIC filtering in the FPGA yet, so there is aliasing.

    To get SDR++ working as quickly as possible on my Mac the easiest thing to do was write a very quick and dirty SpyServer implementation (partial) from the public spec. That's why below it says "SpyServer", "Int16" and "RTL-SDR". But it really is connected to a Kiwi-2 on the special SpyServer port 5555. I have not tried SDR# yet. This Kiwi is on the other side of the world from me. So it is streaming at 240 kHz over the Internet successfully.

    You can't make any Kiwi user connections when the Kiwi is configured for wideband mode. But you can make an admin connection. Lots and lots of work to do before this is ready for any sort of release.

  • Private use of a KiwiSDR receiver in France

    Alright. After a barrage of emails I've implemented a new checkbox on the admin config tab that says "Show user names to user connections" The default is checked (i.e. yes, show the user names). It will be available in the next release.

    No matter the setting the user names will continue to be shown on the admin users tab, admin log tab etc. This setting compliments the existing checkboxes controlling whether geolocation information is shown and if the geolocated city is shown.

    And this is all independent of whether a user name is demanded at all as set by the checkbox on the admin control tab.

    There is currently a bug where certain non-ASCII, non-UTF8 user names formed by using the Kiwi API directly causes the admin users tab to disappear even though it should have valid entries. Fix coming in the next release.

  • Private use of a KiwiSDR receiver in France

    Indeed an option for the Kiwi admin that removes the callsign field such as Martin suggested would be helpful to address the issues with fake or false callsigns and take care of some of the points Philippe brought up.

    brgds, Ben.

  • Private use of a KiwiSDR receiver in France

    Well, that's why I said "probably".

    The day any of this nonsense starts to impact me is the day I shut everything down.

  • Private use of a KiwiSDR receiver in France

    Hi Philippe,

    I'd agree with John that it doesn't make sense to list KiWi's that folks can't openly use.

    But I do understand your reservations, and some countries are definitely more restrictive than others.

    Short range local VHF / UHF communications are certainly more problematic from a legal perspective than HF communications, which generally tend to completely ignore geopolitical boundaries

    Maybe it would be worthwhile emailing some of the other KiWi admin / operators in France, to see if they have the same concerns as yourself ?



  • Private use of a KiwiSDR receiver in France

    Well, none of this is really new. It's just operating in the modern context of SDRs and the Internet.

    Hams have been "bootlegging" callsigns for nearly 100 years. Pirates have always existed.

    Most countries technically have regulations allowing radio monitoring for personal use, but prohibiting "retransmission". But the precise interpretation of those terms for HF are vague at best given the border-crossing nature of HF. And HF is mostly uninteresting to everyone except us anyway.

    Much more applicable to VHF/UHF short-range communication services that might be impacted by retransmission. Although encryption in recent times has made that point mostly moot.

    To your last point: I don't think it makes any sense to be including, on a public list, any Kiwi that requires a password likely to be unknown by 99% of the users connecting. That makes its inclusion completely worthless. Perhaps a separate area listing "private" access Kiwis? But that doesn't seem worth the effort.

  • Admin page, “users” tab blank? Problem reappears a few hours after reboots...and rebuild of v1.686.

    For several days now, I experience that the “users” tab is not populated, though I know I had visitors, and no reboots (to my knowledge) had been initiated

    Running firmware v1.686 since June 6.

    Rebooting the KiwiSDR gave me the “Users” tab back, with the heading….l looked at it earlier today, and it was ok, but a few hours later, the page is again empty and with no heading.

    The other tabs on the Admin page are working ok.

    Anyone else seen this, please?

    I will reboot the Beagle and see if that cures the issue.

    Addition 13/6: Rebooting my KiwiSDR or the Beaglebone solves the problem for some hours, but does not cure it.

    I will now force a new build and see if it cures it.

    Addition 14/6: It did not resolve it.



  • 600 kHz wide mode

    A bit more information for those interested in Wave Radars, cut an pasted links from discussions on other sites.

    CODAR and WERA (now Helzel) are very similar systems, and I think that folks tend to call all of them CODAR, a bit like some brand names becoming used for all products of a certain type regardless of the actual manufacturer.

    There are plenty of WERA systems operating, but maybe not in the USA, even so the chances are you will have heard one, but thought it was CODAR.

    List of USA radars including manufacturer.

    You can also use this map.

    Select station placemarks in the overlay menu to show them on the map.

    If you click on each map pin it will give you more data, including the operating frequency.

    Alternatively, there is this list, but it takes a very long time to load.

    WERA have a range of products, some of which have slightly different characteristics.

    The European ones are listed in a table at the end of this document

    An interactive on-line map of the current European sites can be found here.



  • 600 kHz wide mode

    They are Wave Radars, and sweep across the frequency range at a rate of approx 4Hz (250mS).

    The ones you are hearing are most likely located at the Hook of Holland and Dyfamed in France, but there are likely to be other sources as it is a common frequency.

    My KiWi's have most of the European ones marked with DX tags.



  • KiwiSDR 2 production status

    We've received another run of boards. Assembly, programming and test are in progress.

    One issue is that a huge quantity of the enclosures we had shipped by cargo container instead of air freight. But due to bad weather the container was delayed. So the finished units won't ship until later this month (June).