Possible to trigger SNR update using an external trigger, but only from LAN? [fixed in v1.676]

I made a simple external status page for my 3 Kiwis, where I can see who is connected, by getting the /users and /status data:

I am trying to add buttons to this for each Kiwi pane that would let me trigger SNR updates without having to manually navigate to the admin panel of each SDR after tweaking them or swapping antennas, etc.

I tried using a separate flask/pyppeteer script to load the admin page and hit the buttons, but I think it's having trouble traversing the JS and won't report seeing the button.

I was just wondering if there was some url parameter ?cmd that would be able to call that 'control_snr_measure_cb' event (if the kiwi recognized that the request came from the LAN)?


  • jksjks
    edited April 28

    If I were to add an option to the existing /snr URL (that would only work from the local network) would that work for you? Like /snr?measure

  • jksjks
    edited April 28

    Okay, /snr?measure (from the local network only) added to /snr interface for the next release.

  • Thanks John, that's perfect.

  • Works great man. I appreciate it!

  • Thank you, John! I have long wanted to ask you to reduce the interval of automatic SNR measurement. Now it's 10 minutes. Was 1 hour.

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