EiBi DB Update [updated to A24 in v1.676]

Sorry, I have searched the forum for this and didn't find anything applicable.

How do I update the EiBi-A23 DB to the most current? I have 2 Kiwi2's from the First build this year.

Tnx de N3EDS Jeff


  • jksjks
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    Hi Jeff,

    I have to do this manually (and I'm obviously tardy in doing so). I download the latest .csv file from eibispace.de and run it through a custom C program I wrote that parses that file and builds another file that is compatible with the DX labels system of the Kiwi. Then I manually add-back all the ALE entries that Eike took out from the database some time ago because I thought those were still useful.

    So it's not an ideal process. It would be much better if the kiwisdr.com server did this automatically somehow on the twice-yearly eibispace release schedule (A/B shortwave season) and the changes made it into the next Kiwi distro.

    The same issue exists with keeping the GPS satellite table updated. Mostly to catch updates to the Galileo constellation status.

    BTW, I did make a sizeable donation to Eike some time ago (out of the KiwiSDR profits) on behalf of the Kiwi user community supporting his excellent work in maintaining that database and making it public.

  • I've been downloading the eibi database using the process described here: https://forum.kiwisdr.com/index.php?p=/discussion/comment/17081#Comment_17081 particularly the eibi2kiwi_online.py script, saving as the stored database. This give you control over the frequency of updates and survives version updates.

    Works quite well, but of course does not have the ALE entries.

    Quite handy


  • I completely forgot about that.. Thanks!

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