Kiwisdr with Starlink

Hey everyone, so I'm considering getting starlink as my current "fiber" connection is horrible and goes down randomly. I'm just wondering if its possible to get the kiwi working over the Internet with starlink.

Currently I can access my kiwi locally on wifi as it's connected to my modem, however my isp needs me to pay for a static ip and I'd also have to pay for a new modem (the one they supply doesn't even have 5ghz)

Going to give starlink a try, to see if the speed and connection is stable. While I'm here I'm also wondering if starlink is good to connect to public kiwis, as whenever my connection drops I have to reload the webpage to continue listening


  • Works perfectly fine when using the proxy service. You cannot have a static IP with Starlink.

  • Can you give me an example of a good proxy service, and how easy it is to set up

  • There is a proxy service built-in to the Kiwi. There will be a small charge for it in the future. But currently there is not.

    Open the admin page and click on the "connect" tab. Note the 5-item menu on the left and the third item "Reverse proxy". Scroll down to the "Reverse proxy configuration" section. If you have a Kiwi-2 a "user key" should already exist. If a Kiwi-1 email your Kiwi serial number to Click the link in the yellow box to read more about configuring the proxy service.

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