From the CHANGE_LOG file:

v1.677 May 5, 2024

  Click-hold the frequency step buttons "- - - + + +" for auto repeat.

  Fixed various issues with auto aperture mode:

    When the waterfall was panned or scrolled too many requests to adjust the aperture piled up.

    If the strongest signals were fading significantly this caused the noise floor displayed to

    bounce up and down unnecessarily. Now the aperture should adjust only once per pan/zoom.


    To help keep the noise floor displayed in a darker colormap color capped the WF min/max

    delta to >= 50 dB.


    Added a second auto-scale button (when aperture averaging mode is "off") so you don't

    have to scroll up to get to the usual auto-scale button at the top of the WF tab.


  Fixed frequency undo/redo (i.e. typing shift-return). Didn't work properly in 10 Hz

  frequency display mode.


  Improved wording of password-related messages in the log when a user connects.

  Added shell alias "cl" for cleaning (reducing size of) the Debian system logs.

  Same as "clean logs" button in admin console tab.



  • Now I can retire my button mashing skills with this new click-hold feature.

  • jksjks
    edited May 5

    I set the repeat rate to 10 Hz. Not sure how optimal that is. One more thing for the eventual user preferences feature I suppose.

    The click-hold mechanism is also generalized. So If anyone thinks any other buttons/icons would benefit let me know.

  • Hi John,

    How about an auto speed up after the button has been held for a while, a bit like setting the time on some digital clocks.

    Just a thought...



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