How can I contact a particular KiwiSDR receive station?

I would like to find out how a particular KiwiSDR receive station manages to be so sensitive and have such a low noise level. How do I contact that station? I want to make my station quieter to hear weaker signals.


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    Easiest ways ::

    1/ At the Kiwi main control panel (the one with the frequeny and mode selections) click on STAT and then on owner/admin which likely starts your default email client with the email adddress of the operator already filled in.

    2/ append the kiwi url with /status after the port number (usually 8073) and read the op_email from the top part of the status report.

    Good luck


  • Has Option 1 been removed from recent software releases?

  • It's still present, if the owner has decided to display the information.

    Step 2 often reveals what you are looking for, otherwise some detective work is required, such as looking up a callsign on, or searching for other on-line presences.



  • There's a bug with option 1. Introduced in software release v1.667 and fixed in v1.676 and. I believe it only keeps the email link from working if you are using Firefox.

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