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Problems in Europe updating from v1.2 (SD card included with Kiwi-1)

edited February 18 in KiwiSDR Discussion

I just spent a number of hours helping someone with a Kiwi-1 in Europe getting it working again.

They initially had trouble getting the new Debian 11 flasher image onto a new SD card and working (it eventually worked). But they did have the original SD card that came in the box with the Kiwi-1. So we were trying that.

That v1.2 SD card uses Debian 8 of course which is now archived. We discovered that one of the package archive server accessed when you update Debian from Europe seems to have a configuration problem. For example, I was able to do the full v1.2 installation and network update from New Zealand without issues.

So just be aware of that. And try to re-flash using the new Debian 11 image if you can (which you have to download and copy to a new SD card, see:

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