TDoA waterfall preview issue

Hi John,

I've recently noticed that when using the TDoA waterfall preview function (shift click on map KiWi tab), the KiWi that is being used displays the correct waterfall, but the chosen remote KiWi no longer tunes to the correct frequency.

I wondered why only my Kiwi could detect even very strong signals, and now I know why.

I also tried this using a KiWi with a much earlier version of software, and it is still happening, so it may not be related directly to that, but maybe something else.

Very odd.




  • This is from the Wessex Kiwi-2 using DCF77 77.5 kHz. Seems okay. But it's just one data point.

  • Hi John,

    OK, it may be a browser issue of some type at my end.

    I'll try to find a way to consistently reproduce the problem.

    Thanks for having a look.



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    I have also observed this, but have not found a pattern.

    For example, from my kiwi it happens with Wessex3, but not Wessex2.

    If those are SSB signals which are shown on the Wessex3 waterfall, then it could be that it is a different zoom level, but idk. Is that the 60 MHz "kiwi"?

  • Hi,

    The Wessex KiWi 3 is actually a RasPi / Flydog clone, so I'm discounting that one.

    But I have seen the problem using others, and sometimes the waterfall scaling varies making it difficult to see signals on the other KiWi's, but it is not this issue.

    I have seen what look like completely different chunks of waterfall centre frequency on some of the other selected KiWi's.

    But it's of course it is behaving itself today, as it 'knows' that I want to try and obtain some screen grabs.



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