Forum rules and etiquette

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This is a private, non-public forum for discussing technical topics related to the genuine (original) KiwiSDR product. The forum monthly operating costs are funded out of the profits from selling KiwiSDRs.

We reserve the right to edit or remove your posts or to ban your participation. If you want to criticize our work that's fine. Just do it somewhere else please. We are all very busy and don't want to spend a lot of time managing chaos on the forum.

  • New participants: Take some time to understand the product, the community, the ecosystem and the limitations that have evolved since the product introduction in 2016. The project authors do not have the resources or capabilities you might think they do.
  • Don't ask support questions about non-genuine KiwiSDR devices. There are other support forums specifically for those devices. If you're not going to support us by buying our stuff you shouldn't be surprised when we don't reciprocate.
  • No "low effort" posts. Search the forum and website FAQ for an answer before asking your question. 
  • Don't complain about well known, long-standing technical limitations such as: audio latency, lack of https/TLS, run-as-root, spotting efficiency of the WSPR extension etc. We know all about these issues and most have been discussed for many years. They are either difficult to solve, have no solution or are way down on the priority list.
  • Don't violate security "zero-day" rules. Don't report security vulnerabilities here or on Twitter. Send them to the support email instead.

Thank you.


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