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My power supply setup

Got my power supply set up, just wanted to share what I did.

This is/will be used to power my KiwiSDR2 and a TP-Link TL-WR802N. Both will eventually be set up at my remote/2nd QTH where I won't be able to access them easily all the time.

 The 802N (2.4 ghz ONLY) version seems to only use about 0.2-0.3A once running. Both combined seem to run around 1A once booted up. I put a delay board in (as posted elsewhere here) to wait 30 seconds before the Kiwi gets power. This lets the power supply get started, and the TP-Link Wifi gets going a bit before the Kiwi starts drawing power. 

   The main power supply portion is an Acopian 5EB250 from ebay. This is a 5V, 2.5A linear power supply completely encapsulated and rated to 70C. Used a Hammond 511-0900 vented case to mount it inside of. Fused both sides, added a switch, an LED, and then the 5V relay/delay board. The delay board relay must be NC, as it flashes the Kiwi for an instant when power comes on, then the relay opens the power connection. I'll live with that as I only plan to cycle power due to occasional outages once I get it set up at my cabin. (About 3-4x a year, it seems.) 

I have enough headroom to add a tiny 5V fan to the Hammond case vent if I find it's getting too hot....I'll set it up an monitor a bit. If it is, I'll add the fan and an inline thermostat/switch. 

Not the cheapest setup, but should be robust. And I'll be able to power cycle both my Kiwi and the Wifi link remotely via a Wifi controlled power strip should the need arise. 

-Nate R



  • Hello,

    very beautiful creation and well designed, well thought out. There is a lot of security and that's good. Sharing the constructions and achievements of each of us interests me very much. We learn some good ideas there. Thank you very much,

    Maybe you can add a mains filter. There's never enough. I use this one, it has two stages:

    best regards, Philippe

  • Philippe,

    Thanks for your thoughts! Excellent point about the mains filter.... I plan to add one elsewhere in the line.

    My KiwiSDR and Ham radio items will probably reside in a shed at my cabin....and I'm thinking of putting a mains filter on the one AC circuit that will come into the shed.

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