Domain Name Setting up KiwiSDR 2

Does anyone have a step by step guide to setting up and using a new domain name, which is active, in place of the address.

For instance

Public address is

Local is

Thank you




  • Hi Peter,

    Instructions are given in the user guide.

    If you have a fixed public IP address that doesn't change, then you can specify it in the appropriate section of the admin config 'connect' page. Using the "Specified IP" option

    If you have a public IP address that does change, then you need to use either the proxy or a dynamic DNS service from NoIP. However, I don't think that would allow you to use your own domain name, unless you can configure a redirection within NoIP.

    When you have used one of the configuration tabs, keep that particular one selected when you restart the KiWi server, and it should become the default.

    I hope that helps get you up and running.



  • Ah OK, I see you are already using NoIP.

    You will also have to enter your domain name in the appropriate box near the top of the page.

    Then select DUC domain and enter your NoIP username, password and host name, in the boxes at the bottom of the 'connect' page.

    Select Yes for enable DUC at startup, and click to restart DUC.

    Then restart the KiWi server.



  • Agree with Martin. If you want to use the DUC you have to read the documentation. The link is right there highlighted in yellow on the admin page connect tab, DUC section. After entering your information you've got to press the "click to (re)register" button until you get a error-free response in the "status" field. Then at the top of the page select "DUC domain" and restart.

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