Who you are, where you are and what are your KiWi's ?

Hi All,

Very often folks post questions or offer advice, and it's not clear which region of the world they are in, or where signals are being heard.

This sometimes makes it difficult to understand what is being discussed, which KiWi is being referred to, or some other issues that may be relatively local to the individual concerned.

It's a pity that this form doesn't allow you to modify your profile, so that details, such as where people are located and which KiWi's they operate, could be added at the user's discretion.

However, I can understand individuals reluctance to identify themselves for various reasons, but could I ask as a personal request, that maybe In the absence of such information, that folks could perhaps try to include a bit more background information, especially the KiWi's public URL, if they are experiencing problems of some sort, so that others may be able to have a look and offer better advice.


Martin - G8JNJ



  • It's a pity that this form doesn't allow you to modify your profile..

    It doesn't? I can probably fix that..

  • jksjks
    edited May 4

    Okay, I added a plugin that allows some content to be added to profiles. For now just Location, Callsign and "Additional information". Let me know if you think we should have others. Look at my profile as an example (click "jks" at the top of this post).

    The content isn't presented very optimally. It just appears at the top of the user's profile page.

    I also re-enabled the "reactions" feature (i.e. adding "helpful", "awesome" to posts like we used to have).

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