problems with kiwi interface on Android phone


I am awaiting my own kiwisdr. In the meantime I am listening the kiwisdr receivers, mostly one by OK1CPR on . He uses the antenna extension to switch the G5RV antenna, while in the default there is an 20dB attenuator set. Although the interface works without problem on PC on different browsers, on my Android phone when the browser is set to phone mode, when I open the extension window and try to switch the antenna, I could not close the extension window. The only way how to use it is to switch the browser on the Android phone to PC mode and switch the antenna in this mode,, but the display is too small. So this is the first problem.

I have to say that the kiwisdr interface when controlling it on Android (mostly due to the missing keyboard) is not very good, but maybe I am doing something wrong and there are better ways how to do that. The entering frequency is quite terrible.

I have experience with QO-100 websdr receivers (Goonhilly or the italian one), and the interface behaves much friendly even they are adapted for Android.

Is there any push to modify the interface better for phones with high density but small displays?


  • I have noticed this too. The extension window for some extensions goes beyond the viewable area. In most cases, tilting the phone into landscape mode exposes the "X". If that doesn't work, make the selection you want and then reload the page.

    If I get a few minutes later today I'll play with the CSS and see if there's a solution.

  • njcnjc
    edited November 2020

    Adding this on the "Webpage" tab of the Admin interface helps:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    ext_set_controls_width_height = function(e, t) {
      e = e > window.innerWidth * .95 ? window.innerWidth * .95 : e;
      panel_set_width_height("ext-controls", e, t);

    I'm overriding the function here which is less than ideal. Maybe @jks can consider incorporating this change into the next rev. There's more that could be done with the main control panel as well like the limits for mobile.small, mobile.narrow.

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