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Displaying sunrise and sunset times at your Kiwi QTH in your Kiwi UI

If you wish to show the sunrise and sunset times at the location of your Kiwi SDR, please remove all code in the “Status” field under the “Webpage” tab in the Admin interface, and replace it with the following HTML code:

In the example above, the “la” or the LATITUDE parameter in the URL is set to zero, as is the “lo” or the LONGITUDE parameter. You must set them to those of your QTH. Please note that southern latitudes are negative numbers as are western longitudes.

The sunrise and sunset times are all in UTC, and can be found here:

73 Jari OH6BG


  • Hi Jari, maybe possible add short date format 03-21 or Mar. 21?
    On chrome and MacBook Air:
  • OK, I will look into it! Tnx for the heads-up!
  • Please check it now. It will return "? Mar-21 03:55 ? Mar-21 16:26".
  • Now looks very well!

    Thank you!
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