V 1.671 New Issue Attn on S Meter line on KIWI 1

Slowly off and on yellow background Flashes ATTN not overload. Using KIWI 1. Linear power supply. Tried changing some settings in config and even added outboard antenna attenuator no change. Just disconnected antenna no change. Something in a recent update?




  • jksjks
    edited April 23

    On a Kiwi-1? That I would like to see..

  • On a Kiwi-1? That I would like to see. Is this Kiwi accessible from the Internet?

  • Ok made it go away. It did not seem to attenuate anything. In admin config new line for attenuator was set at -6.5 db by default I guess on newer version update. It was also flashinf 6.5 with the attn notice. Config says that field is atenuate value on next restart of server. If I change value it changes after restart. I set it to 0 and no more attn flashing. Just there for Kiwi 2 users.



  • Ah, okay, I see what the issue is. I need to be disabling the admin RF attn slider for Kiwi-1.

    Thanks for pointing this out.

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