Ant Switch extension on v1.671 [fixed in v1.672]

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I have noticed that when the extension is configured to 'Switch to default antenna(s) when no users connected' and 'Deny antenna mixing?' is set to 'Yes', when returning to a vacant radio, both the default antenna and previously selected antenna are selected.

This isn't the behaviour I would expect and it is undesirable.


  • Hey, thanks for the bug report. I'll make sure that gets fixed. Unfortunately I had to rewrite a lot of the code that depended on the extension framework. And this has led to all sort of problems.

  • Ha,

    I also noticed that problem, this afternoon, when I changed the existing default antenna to another.

    I think this may be the same as the problem I reported, where I had to turn mixing on and back off again to restore normal operation.



  • Which antenna switch backend? GPIO?

  • Yes, GPIO



  • Okay, fixed. Will be in the next release. Thanks guys.

  • Okay, I can confirm all works perfectly in v1.673.

    Quick question, is it possible to choose a specific antenna in the DX Label?

    I can select the extension, but can I also specify which antenna?

  • I thought it was possible by adding the appropriate command into the extension part of the DX label editor.

    e.g. ant_switch,3

    However, I couldn't get it to work, but I may have got the syntax wrong.



  • OK, using ant followed by a comma and then the antenna number does work.

    If you edit the DX label, you may then have to refresh the browser session before the switch command will function.



  • Yes, the syntax Martin gives, which is the general way to invoke an extension when a label is clicked, will still work for the antenna switch even though it is no long actually a formal extension.

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    The syntax works. However; the first time in a browser session it works, but after changing the antenna and then clicking on the DX label it doesn't switch to the appropriate antenna, you have to refresh the browser.

    I may have to video this behaviour to make it clear.

    Should I start a new thread?

  • No, let me try it here and see for myself.

  • I see the same behaviour on my home sdr, 198kHz is tagged to select Ant 2.



  • Okay, I see what's wrong. Fixed for the next release..

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    I woke up this morning and both my Kiwis are on v1.674, but the DX label switching isn't working now.

    Otherwise, the Ant Switch is working.

    EDIT; I have just seen your other post about v1.674 and you have changed the syntax from ant_switch,3 or ant_sw,3, to ant,3. After editing my DX Label to reflect that, it then does in fact work.

    Thanks for the quick resolution of the issue, very much appreciated.

  • I missed that Martin was using ant_switch, the full name of the old extension. The extension name selection code allows for unique prefix matching. That's why specifying just ant alone works. I will make my fix for the DX labels do the same so ant_switch will be accepted as well.

    Also, to be consistent, I should really allow for the other former extensions to be specified in the DX labels as well (noise blanker/filter, waterfall control). Although the use cases for those in that context is much more limited.

  • It all works fine for me now, so I am happy. ant,1 makes total sense.

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    After using this for a while now I have a suggestion. When set to "If multiuser is denied then antenna switching is disabled when more than one user is online." the option to auto switch to the Default antenna would be useful. At present one user could switch to a less than suitable antenna, another user joins, invoking the multiuser restriction, but leaving the antenna switch as was with no one able to switch, giving less than optimal reception. The option to auto switch to the default would be useful.

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    On various kiwis (including one of mine) I see this message popping up when loading the site.

    Antenna switch extension is disabled.

  • Please tell me of a public Kiwi that's doing this. None of mine are so I can't debug the problem..


    The message appears maybe 15 seconds after clicking "start". and disappears after a few seconds.

    It doesn't seem to happen on my other kiwi. I think I've seen it on one of the kiwi too, but I can't reproduce it at the moment.

  • I've restarted kiwid and now it doesn't happen anymore 🤷‍♂️

  • jksjks
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    When the antenna switch code was integrated it had to leave the general extensions "framework" which gave each extension its own realtime task and a bunch of other stuff that made the life of the extension-writer easier.

    I wasn't quite sure what to do about that. In the end it resulted in me rewriting almost all of the code and having all kinds of weird timing problems as a result. I also made it do more than it previously did. So now it's one of those things where it mostly works, but an argument can be made for tearing it all apart again and finding a better way to implement it.

    But I am completely buried with new critical tasks at the moment. So I really don't want to reopen that can of worms right now if I can get by with fixing a few simple bugs. But I don't know if that's possible anymore..

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