Band Bars Overlapping

It would be nice to have a fix for band bar overlapping. Example: the ISM industrial scientific band bar is in the frequency range of United States CB radio. And other places in the frequency spectrum there are overlapping problems, like that. I would like to show from the beginning and end of CB radio and ISM industrial scientific band bar.

They have done a lot of improvements for the KiwiSDR Radio to enhance it even more, a lot of things that I didn't even think of which makes it so wonderful in great. This is the best radio receiver I have ever had.

Thank you.


  • I tried a couple of times to fix the problem: The text from overlapping band bars can collide as you zoom in certain situations. Overlapping bars is not really a problem. It's just the text conflict. I couldn't come up with a good algorithm to fit it.

  • But the ISM band DOES overlap the CB radio band in the US, right?, So the bars should overlap, I'd think. Same wtih the 40M US ham band and 41M broadcast.....



  • Yes, the overlapping bars are not the problem (as long as the color blending doesn't look too bad). It's just the text collision (overlapping) as you zoom in.

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