Problem with update... [fixed in v1.672]

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Hi folks, my Kiwi SDR doesn't accept updates with the message "Installed version: v1.484, built Jan 7 2022 12:06:25 Error determining the latest version -- check log". The log says: E36 UNKNOWN W18 E02 UNKNOWN W18 E25 UNKNOWN W18 E24 UNKNOWN W18 E36 UNKNOWN W20 E02 UNKNOWN W20 E25 UNKNOWN W20 E24 UNKNOWN W20 I would be happy about help with the problem...


  • Those "Xnn UNKNOWN" are very old debugging messages (from v1.484) that were in the GPS code.

    Is this Kiwi accessible from the Internet? If so, could you email the admin password to please (set a temporary password if you like).

    If not Internet accessible (due to ISP blocking incoming connections) then it's easiest to setup the Kiwi on the proxy service. Send an email as above and I'll tell you what to do.

  • So this was a very interesting and important problem that is now understood (and fixed in the next release).

    I did not realize this, but the curl timing defaults used by the git command cause a timeout failure if you have a slow Internet connection. In this case "slow" meant 200 kB/sec. Which is not really that slow (e.g. that speed it will support 4 simultaneous Kiwi channels).

    Anyway, I have set the timing defaults much lower now and that fixed the issue.

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