New kSDR soft version with more waterfall options?

Today when I  was radio DXing via some SEA kSDRs  (I insist calling them kSDR ) I was amazed n using some more options in the bottom part of the waterfall option tab s using (1)  aperture auto scale (2)pass band marker  (2) save waterfall (4)FFT settings

Waterfall saving is much easier than before especially in smartphones   

Although all of them are nearly clear used I would like to know  a few more on what they stand or do.

 Aperture auto mode ???

Spec RF passband marker  ???  new to me this seems as e line but??

Waterfall FFT   dropsam /CMA  CIC comp

Is there any page in the kiwis site that explains all of them?




  • Unfortunately I am way, way behind on the documentation. I'll describe briefly here:

    Aperture mode: When in auto it tries to adjust the waterfall WF max/min sliders automatically to give an optimal colormap setting. The algorithm actually needs improvement.

    Spec RF passband marker: This is new. If you're zoomed in far enough, and spectrum mode is turned on, you'll see a transparent box overlaid on the spectrum that is the width of the passband symbol (the green symbol in the tuning scale). Many other SDR programs have this. The color picker in the WF tab let's you choose the color & transparency values.

    Waterfall FFT etc: These control the low-level details of how the FFT for the waterfall is computed. The window function, interpolation scheme and if a CIC compensation filter is performed after the FFT (although I think this is obsolete now). Anyway, these don't make a lot of difference and were really only helpful to me during development.

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