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Low FPS on the latest versions.

Can I get version 1.333 for installation on an sd card? Or roll back? I experience serious FPS problems when users launch LMS Filter and more. There were no such problems on version 1.333 or lower. Or it was uncritical. Now, on the “8 channels” configuration, FPS is sometimes = 1. That is, a “waterfall” is constantly standing. WSPR and similar extensions are not used. I even turn off the GPS to unload the processor. On the configuration of “4 channels” there is also a problem, but not so critical. I have 4 kiwi in different places and everywhere a similar problem.
Thanx for project!


  • I don't see this. Anyone else see this? My inbox would be full if there were a problem like this.

    With v1.357 (latest) a Kiwi configured for 8-channels shows waterfall frame rates ("WF" on "Stats" tab of user control panel) of med=13 and fast=23 fps. This is zoomed all the way out, two users connected and one WSPR extension running. But with no antenna connected so the WSPR decoder phase doesn't run for any amount of time.

    Remember that the WSPR decoder loads the Beagle CPU very heavily and causes the waterfall priority to drop decreasing its frame rate. Do you have channels configured for WSPR autorun? I found no changes when changing the LMS filter.

    I went to an 8-channel Kiwi with one user connection and 3 WSPR autoruns. My WF on "fast" mode was only 2 fps during all but the last 15 seconds of the 2 minute WSPR window. During the last 15 seconds it went back to normal because that's when the WSPR decoders are stopped (assuming they are swamped with weak signals they are trying to process). That's how it's all supposed to work.

    I checked a few other 8-channel Kiwis listed on and they all seemed fine. There is a way you can manually revert to an earlier software version via the admin "console" tab or a Beagle ssh/PuTTY connection. let me know if you'd like that info.
  • I have the problem on one of my kiwis. The other one is fine. I thought it was a problem on my side, but couldn't find anything so far. But I didn't wanted to complain either, because it isn't a stock installation.
  • Is it a Kiwi I can connect to and check?
  • Unfortunately I'm behind a CGNAT. @loststation maybe?
  • Could you do something for me? On the Kiwi that's giving you trouble: do a shell "ps ax" command (or similar). You should see something like:
     4235 pts/0    RL+    0:04 /usr/local/bin/kiwid -debian 8 -use_spidev 1 -bg
     4239 pts/0    S+     0:00 kiwi.spi          -debian 8 -use_spidev 1 -bg
     4245 pts/0    S+     0:00 kiwi.waterfall    -debian 8 -use_spidev 1 -bg
    Except that there should not be the kiwi.waterfall process. If kiwi.waterfall is there then it is possibly the source of the bug. But it should only be present in BBAI systems at the moment.
  • @jks John, you can give instruction how install specific version of KiwiSDR software from console? Sometime its can be helpful.
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    I launched 2 kiwisdr with different software versions: (1.358) and (1.295). For the test. So as not to disturb users on sdr and sdr2. They are not yet connected to the antenna. If 2 users are connected to the receiver with the denoiser + autonotch options enabled (all channels are busy), the waterfall will almost stop. This probably applies to any version of software. Even one user with denoiser + autonotch enabled slows down the waterfall greatly. On the “8 channels” configuration, this is even sadder when there are a lot of users. The LMS Filter function has always slowed down the "waterfall", so I would like to either improve it or make it accessible by password. Or use user resources so as not to load kiwi. After all, the "waterfall" on sdr is the most important thing.

    And further. On version 1.295 with 4 simultaneous connections (for example, lsb / usb modulation) fps 40 or more. On some not very old versions there were even 50! I don’t remember which ones. On the latest software versions with 4 simultaneous connections, FPS does not rise above 25...27. All tests without LMS Filter. GPS is on.

    kiwi.waterfall process no. John, do you want to connect via ssh, or do you just need the addresses of my problem receivers?
    If anything, the addresses above.
    On all the kiwis next to me I observe these problems.
  • OK so tested here two connections, LMS and Notch enabled, waterfall does slow quite a bit, don't have an old version to compare.
    Only "kiwid" seems to be taxing the CPU but hard to say if actual load much different on/off (from "top").
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    @loststation is owner of most popular KiwiSDR position in Russia and his SDR’s have very high load and lot connections all time...
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    @Powernumpty, hi.

    I found out that LMS Filter affects all versions. Written above in the text.
    Am I comparing with older versions? More on this below. Because LMS Filter is not the only problem. Just in recent days, 2 comrades came up right away with these settings (denoiser + autonotch). And the waterfall almost did not work. previously did not pay attention that this is possible. And I began to figure out what was wrong. And since they come to me not just to check, but to monitor for a very long time (!), this is unacceptable. Well, with the 333 version or a little later, FPS decreased, even without using LMS. Command “top”: besides “kiwid”, nothing seriously takes resources. 2 receivers online. Easy to check. You need to load all the channels.

    PS: for John: I do not use WSPR decoders.
  • Yes sorry if my reply was not very clear.
    I can see the slow down even with only two connections with LMS and Notch, I was not disagreeing with anyone.

    I can barely think and type at the same time (look up the meaning of numpty then add a turbo and you have powernumpty).

  • jksjks
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    This seems to be our old nemesis GPS acquisition again.

    For these Kiwis please tell me:
    • On the admin GPS tab at the bottom right "acq" says "paused" or "yes".
    • These Kiwis do or do not have a GPS antenna connected.
    • If connected, is the GPS reception good or marginal (i.e. always enough sats to generate fixes or not?)
    • On the top line is "Acquire Navstar/QZSS/Galileo" checked?
    • On the top line is "Acquire if Kiwi busy" checked?

    I observe the following (at zoom levels 0-9; z10-13 slows down due to increased processing)
    WF-fps  GPS (acq=acquire, trk=track)
    v1.358  off acq acq+trk trk
    off     23  17  13      23
    on      23  12  7       20
    So GPS acquisition has a big effect on waterfall fps. When running it also makes the additional load of LMS have a large impact on fps. I did not expect this.

    So a few things are now clear:
    • Make sure "Acquire if Kiwi busy" is not checked. It defaults to not checked for new installations.
    • If your Kiwi has no antenna connected be sure to uncheck all three "Acquire Navstar/QZSS/Galileo" boxes.
    • I need to change (again!) the logic for when GPS acquisition is run. It needs to better decide if an antenna is connected. And not run while users are connected unless it knows there is an antenna and enough sats have drifted out-of-range that new timing solutions cannot be made (hence acquisition needs to be run).

    And further. On version 1.295 with 4 simultaneous connections (for example, lsb / usb modulation) fps 40 or more. On some not very old versions there were even 50!
    This is not possible. The "fast" waterfall setting is hardwired to 23 fps max. What you are seeing is the fps number on the admin status tab. But that is the sum of the fps values for all connected channels. So it can be higher than 23. I improved the language in later releases to say "Network (all channels):" in front of those summary numbers. So you have never visually seen the waterfall running at 40 or 50 fps. Never.
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    “acq” - "yes".
    GPS antenna connected.
    GPS reception marginal or average.

    About FPS: I meant the total value, of course. Not the first day an engineer :) Yes, I suspected that it was GPS. And immediately turned it off. In a e-mail I wrote about this. With GPS disabled, FPS is normal, but still does not reach a bit to old versions.

    But with LMS Filter also need to do something. By the way, I really like Denoiser in the Amplitude Modulation mode, this is really a cool thing. I set my optimal settings when listening to radio pirates, for example.
  • jksjks
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    So things got worse beginning with v1.337. I found one reason and have fixed that for today's v1.359 release. But there is still a performance problem I don't understand. v1.337 was a complex release with waterfall averaging and a lot of BBAI-related changes.

    I haven't looked at it, but it is possible the denoiser and auto-notch can be moved from the Beagle to Javascript running on the browser. Assuming the browser is running on a decent device (desktop pc or recent mobile device) the performance should be sufficient to support it.
  • If you manage to run LMS Filter not on Beagle - it will be gorgeous.
    But let the existing LMS Filter work in the same variant as now. Let them be available at the same time. Only the option using Beagle resources will not be available for everyone.

    Thank you.
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