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C-QUAM AM Stereo

You guys did great !

I tryed AM Stereo using 0-30 MHz KIWISDR, KH6ILT, Elida OH USA SW Version 1.441 to WIOE 1450 Fort Wayne, Indiana United States.

I could hear Stereo using Bluetooth headphones on my HP Laptop.... Works good..... Thanks....

When can we get HD AM Stereo ?



  • does the SAM Carrier Offset still apply to C-QUAM? It is displayed

  • jksjks
    edited March 2021

    Yes. The carrier PLL operates in all the modes SAM/SAL/SAU/SAS/QAM. While monitoring an AMBC station, offset the frequency 100 Hz by clicking the smallest "circle-plus/minus" icon and the PLL should follow.

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    I'm loving the AM stereo, but ever since the change all of my synchronous modes create a "popcorn" like clicking at random intervals from 100ms to about 3 seconds. I believe I can see it on the waterfall as well. I observed this on the Edinburgh kiwisdr (WZZB) as well as my own 2 kiwis. It is obvious when tuning in a silent carrier. Regular AM mode works fine.

    Is it just me?

  • I can't confirm that (using Firefox).

    Just a thought: Did you make sure the SQ slider is in the leftmost position while testing?

  • Try tuning in a carrier in CW or CWN mode. I hear "clicks' in the tone.

    3 different kiwis and 2 different computers. Both using chrome browser. v1.442

    I also keep having sessions lock up and have to refresh the page.

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