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Wrong WSPR frequency

Hello :)

The WSPR frequency for the 80m band is wrong, it was changed to 3568,600 some time ago. Would be cool if this could be changed for the WSPR decoder and on the frequency list. Or at least the possibility to add a third 80m option like "80m NEW", so that you can use the auto decoder there as well. Hardly anyone uses the old frequency anymore.

Greeting from Hamburg

Dennis DO1DSH


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    both 80 and 60M have the freq. disparity isues. In effect, there are 2 sub-bands on each of those bands.

    as of right now... here the TX count on those bands

    People are just not moving....

  • I am "Dumb" ;-)

    The "80m JP" Option do that i expect.

    But why "80m JP"?



  • restrictions in Japan influeneced some of the designators earlier

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