WSPR extension, Reporter Call & Reporter Grid

Looking at the WSPR extension interface box and wonder how or if the Reporter Call & Reporter Grid need to be input somewhere. Also curious about the "spots" upload. I checked the site but the spots are not uploaded. 
Ron - KA7U



  • Hi Ron. Because I decided the WSPR reporter call/grid was really a property of the Kiwi owner and location, rather than the listener, these settings are stored on the admin page on the "extensions" tab under the WSPR sub-menu. Every extension stores its admin-configurable parameters here (if any).

    Thanks for calling my attention to this because I see there are a few bugs. The "upload spots" checkbox should be unchecked and highlighted in yellow (just like it would be if you had unchecked it manually) if the reporter call and/or grid fields are not set. There is also a JSON bug with special characters (e.g. call prefix slashes like "ZL/KF6VO") that I'm not handling properly.

    Once you set those fields spots should start to be uploaded. They were getting entered into the database last time I checked, but it's been a while. Maybe I should print a counter with the number of spots uploaded just for fun.

  • John,
    Thanks for pointing me to the hidden menu! I didn't think to click on WSPR under the extensions tab. Don't worry though, I've always been this way...
    So I have the call sign and grid square now displayed. Notice the spots are now being uploaded as shown by the highlighted line on the WSPR report page.

    Very nice software, John.
    Ron - KA7U

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