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Who are these people? - Interesting Users

I've found that I spend more time checking in on what people are doing with my public Kiwi than I spend using it. Its very fascinating to figure out who they are and what they are up to.
Some from my experience:

1. A fellow from 'Glen Burnie, MD' spending MANY hours on some utility frequency (7480, 7527).
2. The same usage, but from Russia and Ukraine.
2. A bunch of guys listening to the Red Sox game on a local clear channel station
3. A pair of hams, one checking his signal from Florida to the New England area, for a daily net
4. Somebody in a condo complex just down the road, just tuning around.

Any interesting uses or users that you've discovered from looking at the logs?


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    All the stateside SDRs I can look at right now (limited to Port 80) are chock full of listeners of 9395 - VORW Radio International. The host tweeted out the links for the night's broadcast.
  • Fascinating to find out who they are? I don't think so. I fact, if there had been a way to anonymize my users from public view, I would have done that. There is too much transparency on the internet, not too little.

    Bjarne Mjelde
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    I'm pretty much letting these people into my 'house' and use my bandwidth - knowing where the user is 'roughly' from and what they are listening to is a fair exchange. That its public? That's another thing, but I consider the value I get also useful for others, ESPECIALLY the links to the signals they are listening to. I'd be less inclined to leave the SDR public without that.
  • I'm sorry guys, but I'm going to close discussion on this topic. It doesn't lead to a good place. And frankly this project is going to be lucky if it survives the madness coming out of Strasbourg and Brussels right now.

    We need to remember that this is a hobby and we're supposed to be having fun, both listening and making technical advances.
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