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Aluminum Enclosure Fan

Is there a source for a replacement enclosure fan that can be recommended? Trying to "think ahead" should it become necessary.



  • jksjks
    edited June 2019
    Just about any 30x30mm brushless 3.3-5V fan will do. Try to get one with ball instead of sleeve bearings. Running a 5V fan on the 3.3V from the Kiwi Grove connector is fine and will reduce the fan noise (I believe the enclosure ships with a 5V fan).

    When the time comes the biggest problem will be putting the Grove connector on the new fan leads. The pins should be removable from the white body of the Grove connector. Or you could cut-and-splice the wiring. I prototyped with some fans from Mouser I think.
  • Thanks John. For some reason, Mouser never came to mind when I asked the question. A quick visit and there are plenty to choose from. Sheeesh!

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