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  • Ham Band Limits for ITU Region 1 are not correct (40 Meter Band [should be fixed in v1.440]

    There is a fix for this in the next update. It's tricky because Kiwi owners may have arbitrarily edited the definition of bands[] in config.js in ways that my fix may not have anticipated. Although my fix tries to take this into account.

    The whole situation will be better addressed when the contents of config.js are absorbed into the admin user interface and config database. But that's a complicated change that will not happen anytime soon.

  • My KiwiSDR has Died [power supply problem]

    Hi Kevin. When the BBG is running alone, and Ethernet cable hooked up, do you get green and yellow LEDs lit on the Ethernet RJ45 jack? What are the 4 blue status LEDs on the BBG doing?

    On the Kiwi board by itself, can you measure the resistance of the round jack power center pin to ground? Except for an inline choke and 4 caps the power trace goes straight to two pins on the P9 header which feeds the BBG. So when not connected to the BBG it should measure open, more or less. Schematic: http://kiwisdr.com/docs/KiwiSDR/kiwi.schematic.pdf

  • v1.437 From Marco, IS0KYB: AGC threshold bar, Passband overload mute

    From the CHANGE_LOG file:

    v1.437 March 6, 2021

      From Marco, IS0KYB (thanks Marco!)

        AGC threshold bar added to S-meter:

          The white bar appearing above the green S-meter bar is the AGC threshold value

          (from control panel AGC tab). The threshold dBm value can read on the

          S-meter scale in equivalent S-units.

        Passband overload mute:

          Mutes the audio when the signal level in the passband exceeds a set value.

          The value is defined by a new setting on the admin page config tab.

          When active a "!" appears in place of the mute icon on main control panel.

          Useful for example when a nearby transmitter would otherwise result in a

          loud annoying signal. Mute recovery time uses existing squelch tail setting.


      Added list of code contributors to _COPYRIGHT file.

        Work in progress. If we missed your code contribution please email us.

        We have hundreds of github issues and thousands of emails and forum posts to review.

      Typing '/' alone into frequency box will restore the passband to the default value

        for the current mode. Shortcut to shift-clicking over a mode button.

      FFT extension: add help button, URL parameters, preset for RTZ.

      Add mouseover popups to more buttons and menus on main control panel.

      Removed more references to sdr.hu

  • Hide "in-band-canvas" [partial fix in v1.436]

    Beginning with v1.436 the band identifiers will not be displayed if their frequency is less than the frequency scale offset. But the remaining empty white space is not reclaimed because right now that is difficult to do (for historical reasons). It will have to wait for a major rewrite of that part of the code.

  • v1.352: new time station extension (timecode decoder)

    v1.433 February 12, 2021

      Timecode extension improvements:

        Support for JJY(Japan), RBU(Moscow), RTZ(Irkutsk), BPC(China) added.

        While running AGC delay is temporarily increased to improve noise immunity.