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  • KiwiSDR production status and availability

    @KB8DOA This morning (19 Jan 2021) R&S shows 13 Kiwi kits in stock. Please get on them immediately and make sure your two backordered units from last July get shipped so this awful situation can finally be resolved.

    My sincere apologies for this situation. I never got any answers from anyone, including Seeed, about what happened exactly. I have guesses, but that's all. There is simply no excuse for it.

  • Unable to Access Forum from Home

    The forum server is located in the same datacenter as the one serving kiwisdr.com (California). Doing a traceroute on both ip addresses might tell you something.

  • ** FIXED ** Flakey DC Plug on brand new Kiwi

    The "Quickstart" if printed (A4) is about 37 pages now.

    So? Who prints the whole thing out? I agree the website format is in desperate need of improvement, but that's a separate issue.

    Also, "quickstart" appears in the URL for historical reasons and cannot be changed due to being embedded in (now) read-only content. But the document never says "QuickStart" internally. It's titled "Operating Information". The only QuickStart doc is the printed one inside the shipping box. It has its own PDF link: http://kiwisdr.com/quickstart/quickstart.pdf

    How about an FAQ (forum) post with the most frequently asked questions that could have a short answer but then also point to the relevant QS sections or helpful forum posts.

    No. Just improve the current FAQ. Add a "top 10" to the existing FAQ index perhaps. What would I do otherwise? Remove the old FAQ? Have two FAQs? Point the old to the new? How many new users read the forum versus the website? So many ill-considered questions here.

    FYI The forum links in the quickstart are to the older forum.

    Thanks. I thought I had done this. Fixed now.

  • KiwiSDR production status and availability

    Back in stock at ML&S now.

  • New KiwiSDR forum: differences and features

    Okay, after way too much effort I think attachment links are working again. There were 584 such attachments in the database and I have been spot checking the comments containing them. If you notice anything amiss please let me know.