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  • v1.456,458,459

    v1.457,458 May 21, 2021

      Waterfall / spectrum:

        Fixed low-level post-FFT artifacts spotted by Marco's SuperSDR app. Thanks Marco!

        Added CIC filter compensation to better level spectrum at top end.


      FAX extension:

        Added GM-11F Sevastopol 7090.9 kHz per fabrys on Kiwi forum. Thanks fabrys!

  • Preset HPF setting [fixed in v1.454]

    v1.453,454 May 14, 2021

      Added default passband adjustment to admin page, config tab.

        As each passband parameter field is changed (low, high, center, width) the other

          fields will be automatically adjusted. So if you know you want a USB filter

          with a low frequency of 300 Hz that is 3300 Hz wide just enter those two fields

          and the high and width values will be derived. An error message will appear if

          you attempt to define an invalid passband.

        The former "CW offset" field has been removed. To set your desired CW offset

          simply set the default passband center frequency of the CW/CWN mode passbands

          to the offset value. E.g. If you want to hear a 1000 Hz tone in the CW modes

          set the passbands to have a 1000 HZ center.

        After the passband is changed on the admin page, existing user connections will have

          to reload the page to get the new passband values.

  • KiwiSDR production status and availability

    Seeed has been forced to raise Kiwi prices on their website by 15% due to the ongoing semiconductor supply issues.

    But there are still plenty of units at old the old prices from distributors. So do some shopping around. Remember that Mouser offers free international shipping to many locations for orders over $50. And be careful to consider shipping, tariff/import, VAT/GST and other costs which these days is a large fraction of the device cost (and the latest sign of our failure as a society/species -- but I digress).

  • Short Circuit SDR - Now Fixed

    They're 0402s, which are stupidly small for hand assembly. If it were me I wouldn't bother. I'd bridge T301 and be done with it.

  • Is there a way to snap-to-frequency when clicking waterfall? [improved in v1.456]