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  • TDOA possibly offline from 28 June 2021 [fixed]

    Should be okay now. Someone made a weird Kiwi configuration which broke the TDoA script on kiwisdr.com. This has happened once before I believe.

  • Am i a KiwiSDR if i have no circuitry

    Hello Brian. You are most certainly welcome here even if you're only a listener to the Kiwi network and don't own any Kiwi hardware. Please let us know if you have any questions.

    Donations to individual public Kiwis are always appreciated by their owners. Most of them go to great lengths to site Kiwis in remote, electrically quiet, locations. Usually with expensive Internet connections that the donations help offset.

  • pub0.kiwisdr.com & pub1.kiwisdr.com

    These are from a recent attempt to make a "user preferences" function work. They are required by xdLocalStorage. I tried again about 6 months ago with xdLocalStorage. More recent browser security changes mean the scheme had to be changed once again compared to work that was done some years ago. It quickly got complicated, so I had to set the work aside for the moment.

    For those that don't know, user preferences would be an extension that allows you, an ordinary Kiwi user (not owner/admin), to do things like: Setting the default cw passband set to 270 Hz and have that apply to every single Kiwi you ever visit from that point onward. Or the same with keyboard shortcut bindings. Or just about any other user interface customization that could be easily added.

    That, plus a real mobile user interface, are the two major missing elements of the software (besides adding an extension to decode your favorite modulation waveform).

  • Suggestion to tweak default bandwidth settings [fixed in v1.454]

    Well, to be fair, the documentation and organization of the documentation are way, way behind. Not to mention that the Kiwi website is straight out of 1994.

  • User Levels Idea

    You mean in addition to the current password option which allows you to bypass any timeout limitations in effect? E.g. you have a public Kiwi, but for members of the radio club you want them to have a connect limit of 3 hours while the general public gets 30 minutes. Yet a few others have a password that gives no limitations.