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  • v1.446/445/444

    From the CHANGE_LOG file. Not a lot new here. Except for days of tedious checking for memory errors (buffer overruns) and memory leaks to rule out a possible cause of the Windows 10 audio problems.

    v1.446 March 28, 2021

      WSPR extension:

        By request: Added 6 & 13 MHz ISM bands (UK balloon-mobile operation).

        Can restart autorun decoders via an admin page button instead of server restart.


      Windows 10 audio "popping" problem:

        Looked for memory addressing errors and leaks with the Clang address sanitizer.

        A few minor issues fixed but nothing that changes the audio problem.

        This was expected, but also had to be ruled out.

    v1.445 March 24, 2021

      SNR measurement:

        Take transverter frequency offset into account.

        Display SNR value(s) on user (top bar) and admin pages (status tab).

      Added SAM PLL loop control to audio tab.

        Has a slow loop setting "DX" that can be used to better track weak stations.

    v1.444 March 23, 2021

      Include two most recent SNR values in /status query. This implies all the SNR values

        for public Kiwis will be aggregated in the rx.kiwisdr.com/index.html file

        HTML comments.


      TDoA extension:

        Improved help panel contents.

        Added warning against prematurely using too many sampling stations because of

          the large number of computation timeouts we see on the server.

  • sd card problem during backup

    If the Linux "lsblk" command doesn't see the mmcblk1 device (note "1", not "0" which is the on-board filesystem) then as far as Linux is concerned the sd card isn't plugged in (or recognized). The Kiwi software has nothing to do with it at that point. That's why the lsblk command is run in the script -- to show that state of the sd card before doing anything.

    So while everything is still running try pushing on the sd card to eject (unlatch) it, then re-seat it and try the backup again. I sometimes find I have to do this a couple of times. I don't know why.

  • How to connect via wifi

    Look carefully at the BBG-W. Seeed violated the BeagleBone cape spec and the Kiwi board can't even physically plug into it (those double-high USB connectors physically interfere). As a result there has been no software development for it.

  • KiwiSDR fails to update from 1.390 to current 1.442 [bad filesystem, fixed]

    It's a huge headache to construct sd card images of the current release. So I don't do it often. v1.390 was the last. We all depend on the autoupdate over the network.

    The build is progressing now, but very slowly. Something seems to be taking a lot of cache space in main memory. I don't understand why. There are no processes that seem out of place.

  • How to connect via wifi

    A USB-to-WiFi dongle is a lot of work and grief unless you know what you're doing.

    A much easier solution is to use a wired-Ethernet to WiFi mini-router: https://www.tp-link.com/en/home-networking/wifi-router/tl-wr802n More info here: http://forum.kiwisdr.com/index.php?p=/discussion/1653/connecting-kiwi-via-wifi/p1

    The worst problem there is dealing with the required 5V power input as the supplied adapter is a potentially noisy switcher. Although you might be able to get 5V from the BBG/BBB USB-A "host" port. Anyone actually doing that?