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  • Suggestion to tweak default bandwidth settings [fixed in v1.454]

    Well, to be fair, the documentation and organization of the documentation are way, way behind. Not to mention that the Kiwi website is straight out of 1994.

  • User Levels Idea

    You mean in addition to the current password option which allows you to bypass any timeout limitations in effect? E.g. you have a public Kiwi, but for members of the radio club you want them to have a connect limit of 3 hours while the general public gets 30 minutes. Yet a few others have a password that gives no limitations.

  • Suggestion to tweak default bandwidth settings [fixed in v1.454]

  • Flatness of KiwiSDR response < 500 kHz?

    From an hp 8657D coupled with a "gimmick" cap. No front panel sweep on the "D" unfortunately (HPIB only). So manual 10 kHz steps. Kiwi spectrum averaging and peak function to capture. Except for < 150 kHz where there is a clear drop-off, the scalloping is probably FFT spectral leakage since I never learned how to do my post-FFT DSP properly.

    I see SMPS harmonics that are much louder than the fundamental all the time. Even into HF sometimes. It just baffles me. And when the fundamental is an unstable carrier, at HF it often turns into such a wide signal that the harmonics bridge together and it looks like a huge bump in the noise floor!

  • Flatness of KiwiSDR response < 500 kHz?

    Are you using a window ahead of the FFT?

    It's using a Hanning window now. And the code has the usual suspects available (but commented out): Hamming, Blackman-Harris. I haven't look at the windowing specifically in years. Although we had the recent problems I induced when changing the FFT pixel downsampling and adding CIC filter compensation.

  • Waterfall issue [Android app issue fixed in v1.460]

    If you're talking about the KiwiSDR Android app, then yes, there was a problem that was just fixed. Kiwis that run the latest release (v1.460) or later should work with the app again. About 70% of public Kiwis have updated. The rest should follow in the next day or so.

    The issue was that the app uses an embedded web viewer that did not fully implement web standards that the Kiwi code depends on.

  • v1.456,458,459

    @HB9TMC I'll fix that today. Shouldn't be applying the CIC compensation when there is no CIC in use! 🙄

    As for the spectrograms, I don't know. All the Kiwi spectrums I looked at using the Kiwi spectrum display and high averaging gave the same peak values on a variety of settings. I guess the only thing to do is make a new waterfall API option so you can select either behavior and Marco can get his fix for SuperSDR.

  • Short Circuit SDR - Now Fixed

    They're 0402s, which are stupidly small for hand assembly. If it were me I wouldn't bother. I'd bridge T301 and be done with it.

  • Is there a way to snap-to-frequency when clicking waterfall? [improved in v1.456]

  • Electric Fence Clicking

    There are two fully adjustable noise blanker algorithms. And they both have an associated test mode, also fully adjustable. So you should be able to practice using them.

    Unless your fence noise is weak or the pulses are not well-defined there shouldn't be a problem. I just tried it again (test mode) and it works great!