Kiwi with 2m converter/switch added

Hi Guys,

I don't post here much but have something now... Spent some time designing & building a bespoke switching board for my Kiwi as shown in attached photo>

The unit is accessed here:

Then go into the antenna switch extension and select number 3. The local club uses this for FM nets on 145.375MHz, which comes out on 29.375MHz. The board also has a changeover relay (orange in photo) for my HF transceiver plus many other features.

It would be nice if the antenna switch extension could automatically set the frequency offset, but we can't have everything!

73, Rob.



  • Today's v1.427 release adds a "frequency scale offset" field for each antenna on the admin page, extensions tab, "Antenna switch" entry. After updating to v1.427 you must also install the latest version of the antenna switch extension from

    When any antenna is selected the new offset values will be used and completely override (and overwrite) the offset value from the admin page config tab. A value of zero means no offset, so the usual frequency scale of 0 - 30 (or 32) MHz.

    Any active user connections will get a popup panel requesting a page reload when the offset changes. No offset change is made when "antenna mixing" is enabled because it isn't clear what to do in that case.

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    Thanks John!

    It works well here. My local club will be extremely pleased to see the correct frequency readout. This removes a source of confusion, as people were putting in 500kHz to get 145.500MHz, instead of 29.500MHz.

    The page reload dialogue makes perfect sense to me.

    The converter has rather too much gain, the next problem to address, but that's one for the soldering iron...

    The KiCAD project is attached if anyone is interested.

    73, Rob.

  • Thanks! This makes some things easier.

    BTW: While installing the new antenna switch extension I found that the instructions are not referencing the right fork - "OH1KK" should be replaced by "jks-prv" in order to get the adapted version:

    git clone

    73, Manfred

  • Kari has now merged my commit into his master repo. So the installation instructions are consistent if referenced from there:

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