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  • v1.694 [hopefully a working version of the failed v1.691,692 update]

    Well, we seem to have a complete disaster. I tested this stuff for weeks. Guess it wasn't enough.

    For now I'm going to revert everything. This will take a little while..

  • v1.694 [hopefully a working version of the failed v1.691,692 update]

    So there's some kind of strange issue where certain public Kiwis register themselves a few times but then stop doing so and eventually drop off the listing and map. They're still working fine and contactable. Just not on the public list/map.


  • Quiet switch mode power supply (SMPS) for KiwiSDR

    It's a real shame our efforts to place a T1-1 on the Kiwi-2 failed (it made matters worse for reasons that were never fully understood, but no doubt due to the cramped conditions on the board). But you can bet a T1-1, and more, will be present on Kiwi-3 where there will not be the space constraints.

  • UpDate to 1.690

    The next update is a monster though. Have trouble getting to sleep at night? Just read the next release CHANGE_LOG that’s coming.. lol

  • KiwiSDR2 Upload bandwidth?

    All the tools to measure this are available to you. Even as a normal user connection.

    First, make sure you are the only connection. Turn off any autoruns etc.

    On the WF tab turn the waterfall off to lessen the confusion (WF rate slider = off). Select a non-IQ mode. Make sure on the audio tab the comp (compression) button is on. Go to the Stat tab. Look at the last line beginning with "Net". Wait 20 seconds or so for the statistics to stabilize (the measurements are taken every 10 seconds). The aud number should be 6 kB/s (B = bytes).

    Change the compression to off. After stabilization aud should be 24 kB/s as the compression algorithm does 4:1 compression.

    Change to IQ mode. Aud will be 48 kB/s because there is never any compression in IQ mode and 2 channels of data are being sent instead of only one as with the other modes.

  • SDR not showing on listing

    Okay, so I did misunderstand. Sorry.

    The admin console tab always gives you a privileged root shell. Not an unprivileged one that you might get from a login to the "debian" account.

  • This is why we can't have nice things

    Like I have time to setup and manage such a thing, lol

  • WSPR extension (non-autorun) not uploading spots to [fixed in v1.694]

    Thanks Nate. I'm apparently not only stupid but blind as well. Bug took just a few minutes to find.

    Will be fixed in this next big release I've been working on.

  • A new category: Feature requests

    Add a feature request in a new topic post in this category please (in case there is subsequent discussion).

  • A new category: Feature requests

    A new category for collecting feature requests.