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  • OV display time adjustment needed

    Would not an OV per minute with logging or max hold be better than relying on the the visual indicator?

  • Two deaths in the family

    Always good to hear it worked in the end!

    That Beagelbone voltage dip thing has caught a lot of people but the general power management and control has probably saved more hardware and installs than we will ever know.

    I can still vividly remember the shockof discovering I had not managed to kill my Kiwi with serious over voltage. I corrected the voltage it just went on without holding a grudge. It's that sort of event that reminds me there are still some things available that have been engineered not just built.

  • 30 min disconnection!?!?


    Thank you for illustrating the whole generational stereotype.
    Very funny, made my morning.

    OK here is the real answer:
    These radios are things people have bought themselves, a few hundred dollars of investment initially, then add, buying and putting up antennas, sorting out noise issues even changing what we do around the house to help the radio perform well. Then we share them for people who are interested, want to listen to radio in another location, or who themselves cannot set up such a radio, we don’t get anything back for that other than thinking that perhaps someone has benefited a little.

    If the location is good, and the radio set up well then the limited number of slots is soon used up, it’s not like a streaming radio where numbers are almost unlimited it’s just a few users at any one time and each one takes up a chunk of our internet bandwidth. The way to allow everyone to get a little for testing is to limit connection time, 30 minutes is pretty extreme but you must be looking at a very popular Kiwi (mine is set at eight hours).

    If you come to KiwiSDR with the wrong assumptions it does seem strange, if you realise these are real people trying to help each other for “good will” alone it may make sense, these are not streaming radio services. You may be able to find a less popular Kiwi that also picks up what you are looking to record they may have no time limit or a much longer one than 30 minutes.
  • KPH - Snubs

    I was trying to spot cabinet of Kiwi's, I failed.