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  • Kiwi BBAI software installation instructions [updated 9-Feb-22]

    Project needs a "Thermal Cape"
    I've ordered some bits as my scrap box only has a couple of heat pipes and both need a lot of work, would get round the space issue though.
    This is just waiting for some themally conductive double sided tape plus a pad for the PMIC and a bit more inspiration on physically retaining at the network end.
  • Channel Button

    Fully aware am I that this won't go anywhere I just want to throw it out there.

    There are up and down arrow by the frequency input, they must come from a list created as we use the Kiwi.
    If there was a C "Channel" button the user could switch to an admin defined "text file" list of frequencies and displayed names.

    E.G. if the user wants to go to UK CB channel 1 rather than having to enter
    27601.25 they click C and select "UK CB 01", Rather than 27405, "Cept CB 40"
    For downconvertors S number for 2m Channels, U for 70cm.
    As part of the channel selection it could overide the largest step to fit channels or half channel (like 12.5kHz on 2m listing)

  • Seeed Metal case and GPIO connector

    Filtered - 15W RS 449-770 or 212-7848 (plug/socket etc.)
    To be honest I only know as when work clear stuff out to make space I can't bear to see some things trashed and I have some filtered 9-ways from that box.
    I think the C is between 330-1000pF.
  • HB9HD 10m repeater

    Two UK stations chatting via the Swiss repeater (with Spanish and German stations) on FM
  • What are the chances?

    I had some cheap Chinese hair clippers that failed. I tend to recycle as much material as I can so had the lower stainless jaws lying around.
    While on Skype my eyes fell on this bit of junk and recognised that the hole size might be close to SMA and be usable for some antenna build, I then spotted that there were actually two holes....
    At that point I put my dad on hold and got a Kiwi.

    China is metric, most pcb component placement is imperial so the chances of these two holes in a 45mm wide bit of stainless with 5mm corners fitting the Kiwi was close to zero but.

    The picture doesn't do it justice.