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  • Last Spectrum persists when all signals removed [fixed in v1.279]

    With the new spectrum options I spent a fair amount of last evening trying to screen dump a fleeting burst from mains networking, failed over forty times to hit it.
    Today with peak capture enabled, so I didn't need to be frame accurate, I hit it third attempt.
  • New LZ1AQ commercial amp and dual loop antennas.

    To save starting a new thread this is my current, if somewhat ugly method for connecting loops to a LZ1AQ amp.
    I started out with intention to use a clear top junction box

    but while considering dissimilar metal corrosion I remembered I'd also ordered a larger enclosure that may keep most electrical connections inside, I decided to temporarily use that while I working out the external connector layout for the original box (dependent or orientation and ease of inspection/rework).

    The element wiring exits out the back of the box through four M6 machine screws and lugs driven by the enclosure layout (same as the original box in one dimension, shorter in the vertical) I have two 6mm nylon plates behind that, the idea was to have a test base I could swap out elements without too much risk to the PCB, I also wanted the bike rims to be self supporting if I have it horizontal.

    I do still want to work on the clear top enclosure as it is neater but this should hopefully survive the winter and I can swap the current rims out for something larger.

    I used a 4mm banana plug socket for the drain wire and an overly expensive (Bulgin?) waterproof RJ45 housing from the work junk pile, I've since found more reasonable RJ45 connectors on Ebay/Amazon.
    I'll put another spade crimp socket on the CAT5 connector shield so I have the choice to earth through the shield or separate wire.

    Right now it is screwed to the fence, I had to think about that, ended up with the nuts on the back so I remove the back nylon plate screw that to the fence then bolt the box+rims to that, not very good solution as things flex while the back plate is off and kept the holes close to bolt size, but this is just a way to test mechanical ideas and get back into CAD (Sketchup for now) which I used to quite enjoy.

  • Power line noise.

    Thanks for your visit but I have had the issue addressed by higher powers.
    Storming service levels.
  • FM (88-108) Interference

    Ha wasn't expecting that! at least the cause was found to be external and actually fixed.