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Fully aware am I that this won't go anywhere I just want to throw it out there.

There are up and down arrow by the frequency input, they must come from a list created as we use the Kiwi.
If there was a C "Channel" button the user could switch to an admin defined "text file" list of frequencies and displayed names.

E.G. if the user wants to go to UK CB channel 1 rather than having to enter
27601.25 they click C and select "UK CB 01", Rather than 27405, "Cept CB 40"
For downconvertors S number for 2m Channels, U for 70cm.
As part of the channel selection it could overide the largest step to fit channels or half channel (like 12.5kHz on 2m listing)



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    Hi Stu,

    This is an interesting idea, but it looks a bit cumbersome (if I understand what you are proposing correctly).

    I wonder if another method would be to allow users to navigate by 'stepping' through the displayed DX tags.

    If you then used the @ menu to filter the tags by name, it would allow you to select say just tags with 'CB' and then you could simply step up and down the tagged channels, perhaps perhaps using something like the left and right had arrows to select 'next' and 'previous' as would be the case using a Windows word search in a document.

    This would also be useful feature for marine & aero channels among others, assuming they were tagged correctly.


    Martin - G8JNJ
  • Hi Martin,
    That sounds better, assuming the tags are all tidy, for some reason I make hard work of editing them quickly (must try harder, wonder if there is a good video on youtube..).
    It was mainly for channelised frequencies and was thinking in fairly narrow terms (image bodged at lunch).
    But now you say it going up down the tags seems an interesting feature that could have more uses if we could filter or swap out the current tag list.

    What hit me was how hard it currently is to step one channel of our crazy off-set UK frequencies like 27601.25 to 27611.25.
    Obviously there is little happening round here on the CB but I have fond memories of the band.

    I dabbled with controlling the Kiwi by Midi controls from a phone (TouchOSC) some bits were easy but I gave up at entering frequencies.

  • Yes, I would love something like that. I'd also like some sort of memories feature, so you can call up commonly used frequencies, as long as Santa is taking wish requests :smile:
  • I'm sure Santa is looking up the cost of drone strikes over the soutwest of England right now, poor bloke is on holiday and when not, focussing on other projects, but still people like me, will ask.
  • I edit them my making a copy of dx.json and editing the copy. copy the new file back to dx.json and restart the server. the json format is easy to grasp for edits.
  • I did look at that from your previous posts, I think the issue was motivation and steps, I didn't practice the steps because I didn't have an end goal in view. Might have to review if I can jump between.
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    I also played with json->csv conversion to import into Excel, but concluded the hand edit of json worked adequately
  • jksjks
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    Jump up/down to next label (including filtered labels): any "alternate-click" on the page up/down buttons (circled "<", ">" icons). An alternate-click is holding the keys shift, alt (aka option) or control and clicking on the button. Or a middle or right-button mouse click on the button (i.e. not the usual left-button click). Or a trackpad right-button click equivalent. Some of these may not work depending on browser interaction.

    Keyboard shortcut is ctrl-shift arrow keys or ctrl-shift-j and -i (see keyboard shortcut help menu, '?' or 'h').
  • Thanks jks!

    On Safari on the Mac I can confirm shift-control-arrowkey and shift-option-arrowkey works, as does shift key (by itself) and clicking on one of the circled < > buttons. Or clicking on the circled < > buttons with the scroll wheel, but not right button clicking which brings up a contextual menu instead. As you said your mileage may vary depending on the browser (and possibly phase of the moon).

    With Chrome on the Mac for example, scroll wheel clicking on a < > button does not work. The keyboard shortcuts work the same. I've not dared to try Firefox yet.

    I am glad web browsers have standards.
  • There are ways of suppressing the Browser's contextual menus. But it's tricky. I do it for example to support a trackpad simulated right-click in the waterfall area (and elsewhere) to bring up the Kiwi menu. Then again I need an easy way to bring up the contextual menu to get at the "inspect element" menu item during my endless battles with css debugging.
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