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30 min disconnection!?!?

I'm pissed off about this!!!

I was recording a broadcast when a popup message box said that if I don't get rid of it then it will disconnect me, I Kept clicking it and it kept popping back up!
Then it finally booted me and said that "every IP Address is only allowed 30 mins every 24 hours" and I'm like WTF?!?!? cause I was in the middle of a recording.
IDK If it was just the site or everyone of them did that which tbh is an Asshole move. China does stuff like this and I fucking hate it!!! wps!!
Please fix this or do something, No one notified me of anything like this at all!! Not even the website!

this is a throwaway account btw...


  • Every KiwiSDR owner decides for him/herself how the server is used by visitors like yourself. If you don't like the setup, find a different KiwiSDR. Stop ranting, and move on.
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    Thank you for illustrating the whole generational stereotype.
    Very funny, made my morning.

    OK here is the real answer:
    These radios are things people have bought themselves, a few hundred dollars of investment initially, then add, buying and putting up antennas, sorting out noise issues even changing what we do around the house to help the radio perform well. Then we share them for people who are interested, want to listen to radio in another location, or who themselves cannot set up such a radio, we don’t get anything back for that other than thinking that perhaps someone has benefited a little.

    If the location is good, and the radio set up well then the limited number of slots is soon used up, it’s not like a streaming radio where numbers are almost unlimited it’s just a few users at any one time and each one takes up a chunk of our internet bandwidth. The way to allow everyone to get a little for testing is to limit connection time, 30 minutes is pretty extreme but you must be looking at a very popular Kiwi (mine is set at eight hours).

    If you come to KiwiSDR with the wrong assumptions it does seem strange, if you realise these are real people trying to help each other for “good will” alone it may make sense, these are not streaming radio services. You may be able to find a less popular Kiwi that also picks up what you are looking to record they may have no time limit or a much longer one than 30 minutes.
  • Sorry about that.. How can I find out how much time is allowed on each kiwi?
  • jksjks
    edited June 2020
    Time remaining (if any) appears in orange in the "users" tab of the main control panel as "h:mm:ss" counting down towards zero. The suffix is "act" if the limit is on activity per connection and "24h" if the limit is per 24-hour period. The time in white preceding is how long you've been connected and counts up.


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