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  • Hide "in-band-canvas" [partial fix in v1.436]

    Beginning with v1.436 the band identifiers will not be displayed if their frequency is less than the frequency scale offset. But the remaining empty white space is not reclaimed because right now that is difficult to do (for historical reasons). It will have to wait for a major rewrite of that part of the code.

  • RSDN-20 beacons reactivated on 11.9, 12.65 & 14.9KHz

    Feb 2021: Alpha "Khabarovsk" (nearest town Elban) as received from the Kiwi in Khabarovsk about 200 km distant. MSK signals VTX3 India and NWC Australia also present.

  • Feature Request

  • External GNSS-disciplined rubidium input?

    I'm not an expert, but I think the short answer is no.

    Forgetting about GPS time-stamping of the IQ samples for the moment, one thing the GPS does is correct for any error in the ADC clock. Improving the characteristics of that clock doesn't really matter. Maybe a clock with an improvement in the short term Allan variance (frequency stability) would be of some use. I don't know. Glenn will have something to say about this since he's done exactly what you're proposing (attaching an external Rb frequency standard).

    The Kiwi has no provision for attachment of an external 1 PPS input from a GPS receiver that is specifically designed to be a timing receiver (such a distinction exists). That said, the performance of the positioning (hence timing) of the current code, thanks to Christoph's work, is pretty good. The best way to maximize GPS performance is by using a GPS active timing antenna mounted outside in the clear using good low-loss feed line.

    There are many other factors that influence the accuracy and resolution of the TDoA solutions. See Christoph's 2019 SDRA talk for full details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpFoM_lBgxg

    The other important point to realize is that Kiwi TDoA is not a "push button" application. It takes an amount of skill, repetition and luck to get good results, especially at HF. Professional SIGINT personnel go through considerable training to be able to manage the tools they have and interpret the results.

  • GPS receives lots of satellites, but doesn't get fixes

    Thanks for pointing out that Chuck is running RaspPIs (I checked, he has one that is public and no KiwiSDRs).

    So Chuck is no longer with us. He can use the RaspPi forum for his questions.

  • Unable to Access Forum from Home

    Anything new about this? Could it be related to the Comcast/Xfinity problem others have had recently?

  • Connection lost every day

    Yes, question is too short to understand exactly what is being talked about.

    But to me it sounds like it's the local (private) ip address that the router is moving around for some reason. E.g. you y initialldiscover it's and make a connection. But then later after trying to reconnect there is no response at that address and you have to go through the rediscovery process again only to find it's now at

    This might be caused by the DHCP server in the router configured with a really short "lease time", like minute or hours instead of days or weeks. Ideally the Kiwi's Ethernet MAC address should be bound to a fixed private ip address in the DHCP static ip configuration table. But that takes some effort to setup (that's what I do here). That way the local ip addresses never move.

    Make sure this is not the problem before you send him off on the goose chase that is DDNS, lol.

  • Unable to Access Forum from Home

    The forum server is located in the same datacenter as the one serving kiwisdr.com (California). Doing a traceroute on both ip addresses might tell you something.

  • KiwiSDR production status and availability

    @KB8DOA This morning (19 Jan 2021) R&S shows 13 Kiwi kits in stock. Please get on them immediately and make sure your two backordered units from last July get shipped so this awful situation can finally be resolved.

    My sincere apologies for this situation. I never got any answers from anyone, including Seeed, about what happened exactly. I have guesses, but that's all. There is simply no excuse for it.

  • ** FIXED ** Flakey DC Plug on brand new Kiwi

    The "Quickstart" if printed (A4) is about 37 pages now.

    So? Who prints the whole thing out? I agree the website format is in desperate need of improvement, but that's a separate issue.

    Also, "quickstart" appears in the URL for historical reasons and cannot be changed due to being embedded in (now) read-only content. But the document never says "QuickStart" internally. It's titled "Operating Information". The only QuickStart doc is the printed one inside the shipping box. It has its own PDF link: http://kiwisdr.com/quickstart/quickstart.pdf

    How about an FAQ (forum) post with the most frequently asked questions that could have a short answer but then also point to the relevant QS sections or helpful forum posts.

    No. Just improve the current FAQ. Add a "top 10" to the existing FAQ index perhaps. What would I do otherwise? Remove the old FAQ? Have two FAQs? Point the old to the new? How many new users read the forum versus the website? So many ill-considered questions here.

    FYI The forum links in the quickstart are to the older forum.

    Thanks. I thought I had done this. Fixed now.