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  • Backups via USB SD Card Reader?

    FYI. There are micro SD card extenders, that would be a quick way to avoid opening the case.

    I know, not a clever answer ;-)

  • BBAI backup showing error 15

    I seem to remember hitting this and just copied the Kiwi directories off using SCP or even WinSCP.

    At one stage I did wonder if there was some way to direct the backup to a sshfs (fuse) mount instead, that way I could have a single Linux box (or NAS) with a bunch of backups.

    I know that is not a particularly clever answer but I often want to "make a backup now, learn the proper fix later"

  • down? [fixed: disable "advanced security" on Comcast/Xfinity website]

    OK that is strange. You could try "tracert"

    I tend to remove the first few lines if ever I share tracert results, we just want to see if it gets outside your network and ISP. - those are normally from about line 3 or 4 onward.

  • down? [fixed: disable "advanced security" on Comcast/Xfinity website]

    Could you print the output of (command prompt)

    "ping" (I'm looking for if it returns the IP address, and in what format)

    And then

    "ping" (to see if it can actually route packets to the address)


    The common issues are DNS where the name does get linked to the right address or more recently the address returned for "" coming up as IPv6 where these is no route using that version from your location. Both are errors but it would help to narrow it down.


  • BBAI (possibly) dead

    Has it been well cooled?

    Things stopping after an hour or so are normally thermal or bad disk in my experience.

    Assuming you've not been thrashing the on board storage I'd look at cooling.

    If the cpu/board has been heat cycling strongly the solder might have crystallized and when hot there is enough expansion to disconnect a pin or two. To check I'd let it cool (to the point it started when you last got an hour run) then boot it with less cooling see if it fails sooner, they should throttle back but I be careful just reduce the cooling not risk running without.

    If it is disk I think there are images for the BBAI to run from SD, disconnect the cape and test that for while.