Thanks, I see the donate button. I will have to do something like this. What do people think about installing the setup in a pump house for well ? It will be easier than installing cables in the attic, but I may end up going to the attic. Not sure yet. The Antenna will be the Bonito FX 10 Meter Loop.


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  • Increasing Audio Quality

    Good exercise trying to pick stations out of noise ? lol yeah , not sure about exercise but can be fun, it would be nicer to have better quality audio for Dx'ing and for general AM listening.

    I have my 2nd Kiwi ordered and Linear PSU on the way :-)
  • Power line noise.

    Hi again Guys,

    Remember that pole to the right with the transformer in the pic above ? well as luck would have it, a storm came last week and the tree in the pic fell on top of the pole snapping it haha , that was about 10 am, by 6 pm a new pole and all new cabling from the 3 phase line all the way to the farmhouse was installed and it eliminated almost all that noise I was getting. Talk about luck ? despite several attempts to get the attention of the power company they wouldn't as much as give me a phone call so haha to them and a big thank you to Mother Nature.

    But as one noise source disappears another appears and if you go to my Kiwi Sdr emeraldsdr.ddns.net:8073/ and tune to around 3200 Khz and look around 80 meters and you'll see this new noise and for the life of me I simply can't find it.

    I have a MFJ powerline noise detector which is great but it works on VHF and you need to be pretty close to the source and I'm puzzled as to what I can use to try get a direction of the noise ? it's nothing in my house and it seems to be on timer it starts around 8 pm UTC and ends at exactly 12:53 am UTC every night which leads me to believe it's something a neighbour has on timer but my neighbours are not that close. It has all tha hallmarks of LED light with filthy SMP. But what the hell ? I walked around with the MFJ and nothing, the noise isn't nearly as broadband as the powerline noise.

    Here's a pic of my QTH and surrounding area , as you can see I'm not exactly in a built up area, the red balloon is my QTH and the house to the left is the farmhouse.

    So if the noise isn't as broadband perhaps the MFJ detector won't be of any use ? I tried to use my Tecsun PL-880 and while it can hear the noise it can't find the direction.

    The power line noise is 99.5 % gone , I have a hint of power line noise in the evening but nothing of concern and daytime reception is blissfully quiet.

    This new noise is really got me puzzled.
  • Is there an issue with the inactivity time limit? [fixed in v1.165]

    Thanks for the fix, appreciate the hard work with all the updates. Kiwi is a really fantastic SDR.