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Thanks, I see the donate button. I will have to do something like this. What do people think about installing the setup in a pump house for well ? It will be easier than installing cables in the attic, but I may end up going to the attic. Not sure yet. The Antenna will be the Bonito FX 10 Meter Loop.


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  • Power line noise.

    Hey guess what ? I got a phone call in work, it was the power company at my house, "I'm here to investigate the interference to your radio" hahaha

    So I pointed him to the new pole and cabling and told him that's thanks to Mother Nature :-)

    You couldn't make it up ! brilliant !

    Anyway turns out they tried to find the house before on a few occasions and had the wrong number for me but they eventually got the email from the office with my details.

    They said they do take these issues seriously.
  • Power line noise.

    No not related to rain, today is dry. But It's very intermittent, so I went on the hunt again starting at the pole in my garden, shaking that, nothing. Then I went into the field beside me and shook the next pole, nothing, to the next pole and buzz buzz buzz, jackpot ! and it was making a noise like something was shaking ( the wires ) but anyway I will have to wait to get time to go to the next pole in another field to make final judgement. But it's looking good so far.