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  • Recent problem with band pass in saved frequencies

    Hi Dave,

    I think part of the problem is that the KiWi tunes to the center of the signal when you click on the waterfall rather than to the carrier frequency in the case of USB or LSB. Hence the bandwidth is relative to that center frequency.

    There have been lots of discussions in the past about the waterfall tuning point, with arguments for and against tuning to the 'missing' carrier frequency in the case of SSB. I think most amateurs are used to tuning to the carrier, but Johns argument was that most KiWi users would instinctively click on the midde of a signal they see on the waterfall rather than to one edge or the other depending upon if it's USB, LSB or something else.

    Personally I like tuning to the carrier, as you can easily swap between USB, LSB and AM, but I understand John's point, and it's his baby :-)

    I don't think that defining the upper and lower pass-band points is a bad feature, most amateur transceivers and SDR's (usually by dragging the filter 'edges' on the waterfall) work in that way, although they may also have narrow, normal and wide presets for quick changes.

    I think it's just a quirk of the KiWi, just like any other transceiver or software application.


    Martin - G8JNJ
  • V1.212 8ch mode - G8JNJ still not displaying on TDoA Map despite no users and good GPS [fixed]

    Hi John,

    Ah my fault. I hadn't realised that selecting one of the coloured tabs on the config page actually selected the method, I thought they were just tabs to access the config entry boxes. I'd accidentally left the reverse proxy tab set the last time viewed the separate options and then exited the page.

    Now I've been made aware of it I properly understand the notes above the tabs.

    Thanks for the quick fix, and apologies for the confusion.


    Martin - G8JNJ
  • Any Ideas [AM BCB overload]


    Two things make a difference to the Mini-Whip signal level. The height above 'ground' and the length of the actual Whip element.

    PA3FWM has some good notes on the subject.



    Martin - G8JNJ
  • Home Brew Broadband Magnetic Loop

    Hi Ron,

    The reduction in IP products with improved amplifier balance are likely to be mostly 2nd order products.

    One trick you could try is to place a 1:1 voltage balun (a pair of bilfilar windings with the end of winding one connected to the start of winding two ) across the amplifier input with the center tap to ground. You may need to experiment with the number of turns and type of ferrite but this is likely to be just as effective (and easier to construct) as an isolating input transformer with a grounded center tap on the secondary (amplifier input) side.


    Martin - G8JNJ
  • Participation of Kiwis in the TDoA process

    This thread covers splitting GPS feeds.