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    Which computer? Computer running browser or Beagle? Can you define "other operations"?

    The Beagle is only meant to be running the Kiwi server and nothing else. There are critical realtime constraints that require Linux to get-out-of-the-way as much as possible.

    On the client computer if the browser/javascript doesn't get the required realtime response to keep up with the audio output demand then you'll drop audio samples and the fax will get shifted. This can be improved by making the Kiwi audio buffer in the browser larger. But then the latency gets longer, and a different group of people get upset with me, lol.

  • possible feature : TUNING lock

    I agree. It should work like a browser. I'll update the bug list. There was something similar on there before.

    Also already on the list is the idea of having the classic A/B VFO buttons and a "band memory". So when you hop between bands using the select band menu it goes to the last selected frequency in the band instead of the mid-point, which is what it does now.

  • Less than optimum SDR's online.

    This has been frustrating for me also. Some of the free placement units I sent out have awful reception. I might need to buy better antennas for them.

    Antennas and filtering are one thing. But finding and curing noise problems is another level that some people may not be comfortable with. Plus it takes real effort sometimes (I still have major problems here!)

    Everyone needs to watch this video. It was a real revelation to me: EMC & Shack Noise: Filtering the mains supply

  • dx.json

    This whole thing is hopefully going to be fixed soon..

  • Unable to log into Admin menu since v1.81 [fixed: v1.82 reverts the v1.81 changes]

    Daniel, that's a good idea. I've been lazy about not using git branches and that's already changed. I've got some extra units here and could make a public test unit available running the current beta release. The biggest problem with all this has been problems I can't duplicate here either because of subtle differences in my environment or whatever. I'll be really interested to see what this current problem is. I'm sure it will be another SMH (smack my head) moment. These things usually are.

    For anyone who's wondering: the little web server inside the Kiwi software has never sent the appropriate HTTP headers to allow the browser to cache content. So all the static content (images, javascript, etc.) gets downloaded over the wire each time you make a connection which is kinda dumb. Now it's not a huge deal because the audio/waterfall streams pretty quickly dwarf that amount of network traffic. But there are some new features coming which will depend on caching for efficiency. So I've been trying to get it to work. You would think it should be easy, but it's deceptive. Lots of corner cases. And if you get it wrong you end up with a situation where the browser has downloaded some of the latest files (e.g. javascript) but is still using cached copies of others that are out-of-date. And that can be a real nightmare to recognize sometimes. I'm almost certain a caching issue is responsible for the admin page problem.