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  • Noise Blanker

    Probably. I haven't spent any time looking for noise blanker code (either pre or post-demodulation). This feature request has been on the list for a long time along with notch filter(s) for those annoying carriers.

  • DDNS from KiwiSDR

    dyndns.com (dyn.com) looks to be a managed DNS subscription service with no free dynamic DNS client.
    So it looks like integrating a DDNS client into the Kiwi is the solution in this case. I will try and get that working. I might have to pick one provider (noip.com) and limit the configuration support to them for now. As it so often turns out you spend MUCH more time coding the user interface than the actual functionality of whatever it is you're trying to implement. 

  • DDNS from KiwiSDR

    If you're going to the trouble of using an R-pi to run a Linux command-line based DDNS client you could just consider logging onto the Kiwi Beagle and installing one there. That's essentially what I'm going to get the Kiwi software distribution to do. Just like it automatically installs things like fftw, avahi-autoipd and miniupnpc. Here's what I did to search for DDNS clients supported by Debian on the Beagle:

    root@kiwi:~# pks dyndns

    available pkgs:

    ddclient - address updating utility for dynamic DNS services

    dyndns - dynamic DNS (DDNS) update client implemented in Perl

    ez-ipupdate - client for most dynamic DNS services

    ipcheck - Dyndns.org client to register your dynamic IP address

    tinydyndns - pop-before-dyndns service using djbdns

    root@kiwi:~# al pks

    alias pks='echo available pkgs:; apt-cache search'

    So the "pks" command is a Kiwi shell alias for the apt command needed to search all the available packages. I was looking at using the ez-ipupdate client. To install it so you can look at its man page just do "pki ez-ipupdate" (pki is an alias for "apt-get -y install"). See all the pk aliases by typing "pk".

    Note that I have not actually tried using this DDNS client yet (with, for example, noip.com)

  • v1.79 Reboots

    Yep, definitely a bug. v1.80 will go out in a couple of hours, or you can get it now by restarting the server.

    Sorry about that. Getting more difficult to keep this thing afloat. I appreciate everyone's assistance.

  • Alternative Kiwi map with status and day/night overlay

    New from pryiom.org is rx.linkfanel.net, an alternative to sdr.hu/map that features color coded Kiwi status and a day/night map overlay.
    Thanks Pierre!