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  • lookup databases websites for NDBs and LW/MW bands.


    Yes, I was undecided about perhaps selecting the Europe or NA lists depending on the ITU region (admin configuration setting) of the Kiwi. I thought for the benefit of DXing it made sense to always select the worldwide list and let the user narrow the selection after that. You could say the same thing for my decision to select the DGPS, NAVTEX and NDB categories as the default.

    Once again, in the future this could be a per-user customization that you set once and it would apply to all Kiwis you visit.

  • Alternative Kiwi map with status and day/night overlay

    New from is, an alternative to that features color coded Kiwi status and a day/night map overlay.
    Thanks Pierre!

  • How to set the DST?

    In the v1.77 release the lat/lon for finding the timezone will be taken from a GPS solution if the lat/lon field has not been set on the tab of the admin page. If you look in the log tab there will be a bunch of messages beginning with "TIMEZONE" that describe what is going on including any errors in the process of converting lat/lon to timezone.

  • How to set the DST?

    In case anyone is wondering: currently the "powered by OpenWebRX" with logo alternates with the time display for 10 seconds out of every 60. This is an experiment in multiplexing increasingly-scarce screen space.

  • release v1.72/73: WSPR decoder improvements, control panel hide button

    Strong signals often cause weaker "images" at different frequencies in the WSPR display. The underlying cause is still not understood. But now spots with the same callsign will only have the strongest one uploaded to prevent polluting the database. You'll still see multiple spots in the WSPR viewer because they are displayed incrementally as they are decoded. But at the end only the strongest non-duplicates will be uploaded.

    A multi-pass scheme has been implemented to help decode weaker signals. After the first pass any remaining signals will be rerun through the decoder with increased effort parameters (that take more decoding time) until the full two minute decoding interval is exhausted. Previously decoding was stopped after only one pass.

    The main KiwiSDR control panel at the bottom right of the window finally has a "hide" button at the top right like the other panels. This should be helpful for iPad and other mobile device users.