TDoA known location markers

Is it possible (or considered for later versions) to have the ability to display the known transmitter location markers on the TDoA combined/ results map? If we used different markers for the predicted TDoA location and the known transmitters it may be possible to present both on the map? I think it would help when you are trying to evaluate the likely location of a TXM.

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  • jksjks
    edited August 2018
    It does this already (if I'm understanding your question correctly -- morning coffee hasn't taken hold yet).

    Before you start the process single-click on a reference station so its information is copied into the field at the lower left of the TDoA control panel. Or optionally type your own reference info, format: lat lon id description. Then the result maps will show that info in a marker in addition to the "most likely" position computed. Also, if you're specifying everything from the URL, you can just list the reference station id to have it pre-selected. Just like the Kiwis to use are specified. See below. Using the Google map ruler we can see the difference in computed to actual location is a bit over 20 km.


  • OK thanks, yes that's exactly it. I wasn't aware of the "click on reference station" very handy thanks.
  • Sorry, as usual the documentation is running behind reality. I need to improve that situation.
  • "documentation is running behind reality" tell me about it! I was looking for a Haynes manual on string theory and nobody carries it. One guy said they stopped because observation changed the content.
  • And asking a question changes the answer.
    It can be experimentally tested and found true within the experimental acuracy of the setup.
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