Linear Power Supplies.

I got two linear power supplies from Seller  sep_store on Ebay, great to deal with and the power supplies are very well built. 

I got one for the KiwiSDR and the Broadband Modem and the difference is amazing. Night and Day ! 

Now I have an issue where my electric car charge point is causing a high pitched noise intermittently throughout the MW band and maybe elsewhere, I'm working tonight so shouldn't be heard for the next 12 hrs at least until I get home after night shift. But the very loud tearing noise associated with those filthy switch mode supplies is gone. 

Let me know what ye think.


  • Yes, really excellent reception. Congrats. Even on VLF/LF. Huge carrier on 25976 though. I wonder who that is?

  • Thanks JKS,

    The carrier on 25967 is a baby monitor..... :-)

    Trying to find alternative monitor.
  • Found some more RFI interference, A satellite receiver switch mode power supply, I was picking it up on the MW band, I've it currently switched off but I'll have to switch it on again later. 

    At least it's an external power supply and I can get another linear. What was more surprising was how far away the SDR was picking up RFI from the PSU. I knew it was bad but no idea it was that bad !

    It's such a shame there is no quality control of these horrid psu's !
  • sep_store has lots of linear supplies listed, could you mention which one(s) you purchased please.



  • Hi Gary.

    I just emailed him what I wanted.

    5v 2.5 amp and 12v 3 amp linear supply and whatever size plugs you need.

    If you can think of anything else that would benefit from changing to linear then do it at the same time.
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    I continue to be a fan of Acopian 5EB250 modules which are 5V 2.5 amp.  They come up on eBay for about $40 
  • Hi,

    I am completely new to sdr. I started because I have tested my world receiver radio to still function properly (inherited from my dad: Sony ICF-SW7600G).

    I like the idea about an sdr because of the view of the waterfall images. This enables me to identify stations quikly.

    My questions are: Were can I order linear power supplies (low noise or audiophile) from germany?
    I find it a bit complicated to contact the seller from an ebay shop and wonder why he does not offer the versions directly.

    First I'll have a look at the Acopian 5EB250 but I also need a PSU for my Boni Whip antenna that I have purchased :-)

    Thanks, Lothar
  • Lothar, in addition to the resources on this forum, please check out the Quickstart as well. I think you will find a power to suit you well. The Boni Whip needs 12-15VDC it seems. Linear 12VDC supplies should be a lot easier to find than 5V supplies.

  • Won't the boni whip work on the 5 v batteries that power cell phones ? They are plenty.

    I just power my Bonito FX from the USB port on the Kiwisdr. Saves needing another supply.

    I found contacting the seller Sep_Store on eBay quiet simple, it might take time to reply so get as much as you can think of sent in the first message.
  • The FX is a different beast, requires 5-15V while the whip requires 12-15V. Or so say the specs.
  • As the KiwiSDR page recommends a Mshow audio power supply (you see at the ebay page), I found different versions at aliexpress to be easier to order, as they simply offer a 5V version. Also a dual PSU is offered and the option to use the PSU for my Alan 42 if I do not use the Kiwi SDR is a bonus (the Alan 42 draws a maximum current of about 900mA and thus the 12 PSU part fits well). Also the dual PSU mentions the matching 5.5 2.1 Plug recommended at the power supply recommendations (

    That is now ordered :-)

    If I cannot wait, then I may use my labour linear psu with a 5V 3A and two variable with up to 5A. Just to be extra sure about voltage settings and polarity :-)
  • I'm running this "Bel Power Solution HAA512-AG".
    Enough power for the KiwiSDR and additional power for an active loop amplifier.
    Its open frame same as the Kiwi - but you know what you get.
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