V1.92 - Ant_switch extension no longer work

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Hi John,

The new Fax decoder works really well :-)

But for some reason V1.92 has caused problems with the operation of the excellent (3rd party) ant_switch extension written by Kari.

The extension would seem to be activated as the ant_switch extension label is displayed alongside the list of user. However the left hand bottom grey panel doesn't slide away to be replaced with the ant_switch control panel.


Martin - G8JNJ


  • Fix. On ant_switch.js file line 22 you need to change

     var firstChars = getFirstChars(data, 3);


     var firstChars = arrayBufferToStringLen(data, 3);

    and then

    make stop
    make install
    make start

    I updated my github repo. Should work with v1.92 now.

  • Hi Kari,

    OK - that fixed it :-)

    Thanks for the quick reply and even quicker fix !

    Martin - G8JNJ
  • Sorry, as I go through various parts of the code making improvements I also clean things up. And sometimes I forget that a change might impact an API used by external code. I'll make an alias for that routine so not everyone has to update from Kari's repo.

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